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Maui Radio Control Modelers (MRCM) is a non-profit organization devoted to the education of the community about aviation and specifically to teach and promote the building and flying of radio control (RC) models of aircraft. MRCM has been pursuing this goal at the old Puunene airfield for over 30 years.   MRCM is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) gold leader chartered club. The flying site is located just off Mokulele highway behind the drag strip.  Demonstrations, workshops, and hands on flight training are offered through out the year. 

Flight instruction to individuals, utilizing the club’s or the student’s equipment is provided free of charge,  most Saturdays, depending on the weather.  Flying events, such as flight demonstratios, pylon racing and aerobatic fun fly competitions are held most Saturdays. These competitions advance the art and science of model aviation, as well as improve the skill and knowledge level of the competitors and spectators alike.


The club is pleased to provide help to the young (and young at heart) not only with flight instruction, but with advice on construction, assembly and equipping the models themselves. Scouts are provided with assistance with aviation merit badges, and all youth groups are welcome to request workshops tailored to their needs.


Membership in the club is open to residents of the county, and visitors alike and requires membership in the AMA. Special discounted visitor memberships are available for those here for a short time. Once approved, Members have full flying privileges at the RC Flying Field. Members enjoy many special interests in the hobby: from half-A to giant scale, gliders to pylon racers, sport flyers to scale war birds, built-up composite construction to 3D foamies and park flyers. Member’s planes utilize turbines, glow and gasoline internal combustion engines, as well as electric motors for propulsion.


The field is utilized almost every morning for recreational flying, so please stop by and join in the fun. For further information please contact any club member or:


Stephen Groff, President, 808-357-0251 or


Maui RC Modelers
PO Box 715
Puunene, HI 96748


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